we describe the food as: “Icelandic and home cooking.” It means that we use Icelandic ingredients and serve some Icelandic specialties like dried fish, happy marriage cake and Icelandic sweets, but Steff also has the freedom to go with it where ever her hearts takes her every day, that is also why we don't have a menu on the website, it can change three times a day! But to give you some idea the price for a main course varies from about 6-15€ 

We get a delivery of fresh fish from Iceland every week so our main dishes are usually based on fish, not always though. We make our own bread fresh every day, butter, cheese and ice cream is also home made and it is our pride to serve you fresh, high quality food for a reasonable price.

about our food

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"heimilið er þar sem rassinn hvílir""
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welcome to Iceland!

our goal is to make you feel at home, with good coffee, great food, friendly staff and good atmosphere. Home cafe is a real family business; you might even see nine year old Hjördís running around with cakes and coffee in the afternoon!


Spitalgasse 3, Vienna / eat@home-cafe.at / tel: +43 1 4024365

If you want to ask something or just leave us your impression - make sure to conatcs us! :)

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