The spirit of the cafe is very friendly and we have made a lot of friends. We try to get most of our products from people we know and we feel that is puts a little bit more love into the food to actually know where the ingredients come from, who made them and how.


The fresh fish we get delivered every week comes from Guðmundur at Atlantic fish partners on their website you can see how they are able to catch, prepare and deliver to us fresh fish from Iceland! Very interesting technic.


The dried fish comes from Harðfiskverkun Finnboga Jónassonar in Ísafjörður, Iceland, Finnbogi’s son runs it now, his name is Gulli and you can check out their facebook page to see some pictures of how this amazing product is made!


The coffee comes from our good friends and neighbors here at Spitalgasse, the coffee pirates.

They roast a special home cafe roast for us and taught us to make coffee!


The milk in the coffee and the cream for the butter come from Hiegesberger


Our beer comes from Johannes, Tom, Rafael and Michael at Brew age, they are just amazing!


The wine comes from this Austrian family vineyard . Steff ran into Reinhard one evening on her way home when the trams weren’t running properly – thank you tramgod!


The salt that we use in the food is special hand harvested sustainable salt, produced by Saltverk in Reykjanes, Iceland. We also sell some of their products at the cafe, for example the licorice salt and the arctic thyme salt.


We sell Scandinavian books in original language and in German for our friend Karina at skandibok


Last but not least! Our dear Stefan Kokovic designed this website for us :)

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